Thinking of trying a threesome

Most of the men dreaming about trying a duo. Is exacting imagination of 2 girls in bed. Usually, there are 2 girls with men, but how it ends? What is important to know and are you prepare for it?

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What I learned after 5 years with escorts

We usually speak about problems or experiences of clients or ladies. But today we asked our regular client for an honest story from a different point of view. I asked him the most interesting questions about his experiences of 5 years with call girls.

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Breaking the rules

We all have some rules to follow such as law. When you meeting a lady, you have to follow them as well. Be a nice client and honest with everything that you expect.

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Booking an overnight

Another topic to discuss is booking an overnight escort girl. Some clients prefer having a lady to spend all night. A lot of our Finland girls are suitable to stay all night with you together.

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Does your wife or girlfriend know you visit escorts?

This is a spicy question and not everyone would be happy about this. Exist many points of view, so let's talk about it.

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Escort reviews in general

Choose a perfect escort on the internet is not easy. Escort girls should be discrete, funny and professional. In every profile, you can find the various important range of services. Above all, the lady should comply with your criteria.

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Would you visit an escort if sex was off the table?

We all know that the vast majority of clients expect some sexual contact. Question is Would you come if sex was off the table?

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Which cities are most popular for visiting our website?

Some cities on our website are more popular than others. In the last 7 days, 36% of our website visitors were from Helsinki and 15% were from Tampere. In the last two months, the results have been the same and Helsinki has come first again. Turku ranks third with an average of 8%.

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Escort Photos: What works best & How important is the quality versus reality

Our theme for today is "Escort photos: What works best & How important is the quality versus reality". There are photos taken professionally in a studio, then others made less professionally mostly by mobile phones. Question is: When you see an escort girl's profile for the first time, what is it that makes you pick up the phone and make an appointment?

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